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We Have The Answers

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions our team members hear at the club and the answers you need. 

Queer Prom


Why are you BYOB and how is that safe?

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Patrons of the club who chose to BYOB or BYOW are given a wristband on entry. This wristband is there as a way to help signal other members and help them stay informed when/if they choose to make the decision to engage in play negotiations at the club. We are attempting to limit patrons from a culture of hiding alcohol or "pre-gaming" before leaving their home for the evening. You can read more about harm reduction by clicking here

Can I bring glass to the club?

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We do not allow glass toys in the club. If you have a glass bottle of alcohol you'll need to check it at the window or bar on entry and pick it up when you leave. 

Where can I park my car? 

If there are no more spots available in our lot, parking on Clark St is fine until 3am, or you can try the surrounding streets and the spot hero app. 

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What should I wear? Are there lockers or dressing rooms?  

When entering the club you must be street legal. Once you are in the club you can wear anything you'd like (if you're naked please put a towel down before you sit on the couches). There are dressing rooms and a limited amount of lockers available. You can bring your own lock or rent one from the bar for a few dollars. At education events generally guests wait until after class to undress as to not distract the presenters. 

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Can I play on education nights? What if I arrive late and miss the class?

While we would prefer you make it for class, if you can only make it out to play on Thursday night that's perfectly fine. 

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How do I reserve the Blue Room for a private scene? 

During our open hours you can reserve the blue room with the shift manager, for an hour at a time, for your own use. You can invite who you want into the room with you and close the door or ramp to your desired privacy level. Staff will give a knock when there is 10 minutes left.


On First Friday this room is not open for private use because it serves as our quiet  "decompression chamber" for folx needing after care or a place to negotiate and unwind. 

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There is a lot of equipment in the display case, can I use it? 

If you forgot to bring equipment or you see something you'd like to try, tell the DM and you can check out a tool using an ID as collateral. Bring it back at the end of the night when you're finished. 

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