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Macintire uses He/Him pronouns 


  • Mediation Panel Chairperson 

  • BS in Psychology

  • Certified Reality Therapy Counselor and Life Coach

Learn About Macintire 

Macintire has almost 20 years experience in Martial Arts training including Kickboxing and Self-Defense.  As a certified master instructor and 4th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, he tries to help others build confidence in themselves and to be able to protect themselves in an unpredictable world. 

As a former therapist, certified life coach and the chairperson for our volunteer mediation panel, he is available to help with whatever issues our members may be struggling with physically, mentally or emotionally. He knows how setting and/or reaching goals can definitely be a struggle and sometimes we need help. 


In his role as mediation chairperson Macintire works closely with the Rose community and management to ensure our mediators are support but also that they exemplify individual who have been vetted and come from a variety of relevant career fields. Our mediation team members have formal training and experience in mediation, psychology and counseling, ethics and combined they provide decades of experience in the Kink community. 

Macintire has taught his Self-Defense class for the club as well as presenting on several other topics such as techniques and inclusivity within the space. He has made himself available to assist members with some of the struggles they might be experiencing. 


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