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Maya uses They/Them pronouns 


Bar Management Chair ​

Learn About Maya 

Maya has always found human sexuality as beautiful as any other art form. Everyone approaches their journey differently and even just watching that can be beautiful. When they started their own kink journey it brought them to The Chicago Rose and they have been exploring and learning ever since. They are passionate about breath play and hypnosis and are committed to educating safety around all forms of edge and high risk play. 

Their skills for bar management stem from a long history of work in the service industry. When they were 10 years old they assisted their parent in running a local soup kitchen. At 18 years of age they worked their way up the chain in the Northern Illinois University Kitchens and since entering their 20's they have worked at meat markets, chain restaurants and even spent time managing a convenience store on their own. 

When they are not at the club they enjoy spending time watching Disney movies with their family and cooking. 





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