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Dorianne Lilly

​Dorianne uses She/Her pronouns 

Food and Community Chair 

Learn About Dorianne Lilly

At a very young age, Dorianne learned that food has the ability to make people happy. Or at least it always made her happy. She's been cooking since age 4 and baking since 9 years old. Professionally since 2009. She has worked in 1, 2 and 3 Michelin starred restaurants and with James Beard Award winning chefs. Always on the hunt for ethnic foods and flavor pairings that she's never had before, she is constantly seeking knowledge and ways to better herself as a Chef. What's her favorite thing to eat, cook and bake?... food. You won't get a specific answer out of her, because she doesn't have one!


Outside of the kitchen, She loves gardening, sculpting, painting, singing, playing with anyone's pet, and her alone time.


Thanks to the willing bodies here at the Rose, she has honed her Impact game. She does some pick up play and will occasionally teach ppl on a 1-on-1 basis, on how to safely conduct impact scenes. Currently, she enjoys shocking the hell out of people (she gets some of the best reactions that way!). 


In spite of her sadism, she loves almost everyone. Dorianne strives to not only be the best chef she can be, but also the best person she can be-


She says "I help where I can. I'm honest almost to a fault. I strive to be as kind as possible. I try to understand everyone and their point of view. And I'm friendly as fuck. So, if you see me, feel free to say hi!"


Follow the link to learn more about Rose Events and find the next time Dorianne is cooking

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