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Never uses They/Them pronouns 

Maintenance Chairperson

Educator (Tied to the Rose)

Digital Marketing

Learn About Never

Never is interested in Human Sexuality in large part because their own sexuality was repressed for a long time. Once they had the space and courage to explore, they naturally gravitated towards experimentation. Never finds the way we as humans express our sexuality to be a fascinating topic and feels that it truly showcases how different and unique every person can be. 

Their journey into kink started out as light experimentation, like so many people. The more they explored, the more fun they had, and while at times it has been a long arduous process of figuring out exactly what they enjoy and why they enjoy it, it's been worth it every step of the way. 

Never hopes to better themselves and others both in and out of the club. As humans, we're not without our shortcomings. So being patient with themself and others has become a focus of theirs. They have volunteered for the club for just over two years and you can currently find them educating on rope night. They have also created much of the event art you see on the website.

When they are not at the club they are a video game speedrunner, fangsmith, artist, and homemaker.


Follow the link to see Never's most recent digital art for our upcoming events! 

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