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Artemis Sylverwolf

Artemis uses She/Her pronouns 

  • Femme Domme Class Series  

  • Disability Advocate 

  • POC Community Activist 

Learn About Artemis Sylverwolf

The Goddess Artemis Sylverwolf has been an active member of the Kink community. They have been a Domme/Top for over 8 years. Their focus is Shibari and impact play. 


They educate with an acute awareness of how people of color and those individuals with disabilities navigate and assimilate in the kink community. They have also taught femme domme classes at The Chicago Rose Dungeon for more than a year. Artemis Sylverwolf is a fun and happy presenter with an emphasis on safety and mutual consent.


Additionally, she has taught at Kink Expo 2.0. Eve Ewing (writer for Marvel IronHeart) featured Artemis and their recent “Disability and Kink Class” in her podcast for the Chicago Guaranteed program. Also for Nick Taneks Your King Friends podcast. 

 A nerd at heart, Artemis geeks out their hobbies of Shibari, photography, cosplay and art.

She is also a volunteer for animal shelters and fosters cats.


Follow the link to learn more about their events

Fetlife: ArtemiSylverwolf

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