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Goddess Myeongju

Myeongju uses She/They pronouns 

  • Winner Midwest Fetish Title Holder for 2024

  • First Friday Consent Orientation Educator 

  • Crisis Intervention 

  • AA Degree in Social Work


Learn About Goddess Myeongju

Unbeknownst to her, Goddess Myeongju (she/they) had been kinky her whole life. Their last few years have been a journey of unmasking, self-exploration, integration, and learning how to live authentically as themselves – a sensory-seeking, masochistic, bottom-leaning switch, exhibitionist, and voyeur who enjoys edge play.


An inquisitive lover of learning, her background includes formal education in psychology, sociology, and human behavior. This fervent curiosity has led them toward a deeper understanding of BDSM and kink-related topics, and they feel called to empower individuals to embrace their authentic selves, navigate their desires responsibly, and build fulfilling connections within this vibrant and diverse community. She aims to destigmatize misconceptions, emphasize the importance of consent and risk awareness, and provide practical guidance for individuals exploring this consensual form of expression.

They have volunteered as a patient medical advocate sitting with survivors of sexual assault in emergency rooms. In this role, she underwent crisis intervention training learning how to advocate and educate survivors about the medical and legal options, hold space and offer survivor-centered support. 


Follow the link to learn more about their events

Fetlife: Goddess_Myeongju 

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