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Ethan uses He/Him pronouns 

Rentals Chairperson

Phone communications

Learn About Ethan

Ethan has grown his interest in human sexuality because as a survivor of child sexual abuse, being in the lifestyle has given him the chance to see and model what good and healthy partnerships look like and begin to heal from his past. While his journey with kink may have started in a harsh environment it has become a source of joy for him because without the journey he would have never met his wife and some of his closest friends.


Ethan hopes to help others navigate through their own kink journeys, however difficult, and help clear any and all questions they have about the club and or the lifestyle.


As a senior staff member, he has worked for The Chicago Rose club for almost 5 going on 6 years and has assisted in every role from volunteer to general manager. When he is not on shift he is working as the current Rental Chairperson,  fielding the clubs private rentals and party's. He also has a hand in returning voicemails and handling our phone line. 


As for what he does outside the club? Ethan is really big into making art whether that be a drawing or a poem. He also does many physical activities such as sports and different forms of martial arts and boxing. 


Follow the link to learn more about how you can volunteer!

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